Pediatric Speech Therapy in Yulee, Florida

Pediatric speech therapy helps children develop and improve their articulation, vocal quality, and fluency. This improves their ability to communicate with others and become more independent. Speech therapy activities often involve the use of picture books, talking, playing, sound exercises and repetition. Pediatric Therapy Associates are Yulee, Florida’s trusted pediatric speech therapy specialists.
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What Is Pediatric Speech Therapy?

Pediatric speech therapy is provided by a certified and licensed speech-language pathologist (SLP). Pediatric speech therapists work with children and adolescents to build confidence and help improve speech impairments and disorders including typical and atypical disorders of communication and swallowing. 

Conditions treated by SLPs can include articulation disorders, stuttering, and fluency disorders, language (comprehension and expression), voice, and swallowing. They can also provide alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) to children who cannot verbalize or need a way to communicate beyond their vocalizations.

Speech-language pathologists are knowledgeable about medical conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, developmental delays, muscular dystrophy, chromosomal abnormalities, and more. Our SLPs at Pediatric Therapy Associates in Yulee can perform speech and language evaluations to assist children in getting the help they need to improve their quality of life.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Treatments

A pediatric speech-language pathologist performs testing, evaluation, and treatment of disorders related to how children form words and communicate. They treat conditions such as articulation disorders, autism spectrum disorders, fluency disorders, stuttering, and cognitive communication disorders.

Treatments for children in speech therapy differ depending on what goals need to be reached, the seriousness of the disorders, and the type of disorder or issue facing the patient. For many children, needing language therapy engaging activities featuring language, syntax, vocabulary, and concepts help keep them focused. Articulation therapy includes physical work on forming and articulating sounds. Voice therapy focuses on a treatment plan built to help children improve their voice quality.

At Pediatric Therapy Associates, our speech therapists will evaluate and create personalized treatment plans for your child. Treatment plans will have information for parents to take home and include in their daily lives outside of speech therapy sessions, like at home and school. It’s important for parents to be involved and encourage their children to reach their speech therapy goals.

Benefits of Pediatric Speech Therapy for Kids

Children can have a better quality of life when they have effective communication and swallowing skills. They can express themselves better, socialize more and achieve academic success. Our pediatric speech therapists in Yulee, Florida evaluate and treat kids with communication disorders such as articulation, fluency, and stuttering, as well as swallowing and oral motor issues.

It is recommended to contact a pediatric speech-language pathologist as soon as possible if your child has a communication delay or disorder. The earlier we address these issues, the more we can set your child up for the speech milestones to come and help them build strong communication skills. Children typically begin therapy when their pediatrician or parent notices they are not meeting speech and language milestones. They may also be referred by their school or your state’s early intervention program. We’ll work with you to get your child onto the path to success.

Why Choose Pediatric Therapy Associates in Yulee, Florida

Pediatric Therapy Associates offers a variety of pediatric speech therapy treatments. These include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), PROMPT Therapy, and feeding therapy for children with difficulty eating. ABA is designed to help children with autism learn social skills and behavioral control while reducing repetitive behaviors. PROMPT therapy is a tactile-kinesthetic approach to speech that helps children with motor speech disorders, such as apraxia or dysarthria. Feeding therapy focuses on improving the child’s ability to eat more independently and decrease food refusal.

Our speech therapists in Yulee are dedicated to helping your child reach their goals and become more confident in themselves and their ability to communicate with those around them. We take a compassionate approach with our speech therapy sessions and will ensure your child feels safe and comfortable in every session. If you’re interested in learning more about our speech therapy services or are looking to start your child’s speech therapy journey—contact us.

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