Articulation-Phonological Disorders

Speech sound disorders can impact the form of speech sounds or the function of speech sounds within a language. Disorders that impact the form of speech sounds are traditionally referred to as articulation disorders and are associated with structural (e.g., cleft palate) and motor-based difficulties (e.g., apraxia). Speech sound disorders that impact the way speech sounds (phonemes) function within a language are traditionally referred to as phonological disorders; they result from impairments in the phonological representation of speech sounds and speech segments—the system that generates and uses phonemes and phoneme rules and patterns within the context of spoken language. The process of perceiving and manipulating speech sounds is essential for developing these phonological representations.

Our speech-language pathologists have extensive knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of articulation-phonological disorders. Our goal is to improve your child’s speech intelligibility and ability to communicate effectively with others in his daily environments.

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